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Derived from the catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane that also produces ketone-alcohol (KA) oil, cyclohexanol is an organic compound manufactured in mass quantities annually due to its nature as a key precursor to nylon. Cyclohexanol can also be produced via the hydrogenation of phenol, but this is a less common means of manufacture. KA oil produced during oxidation of cyclohexane is used as a precursor to the adipic acid used in nylon manufacturing. Typically, cyclohexanol is oxidized to produce cyclohexanone, which is then converted en masse to oxime, which is a key precursor to the caprolactam used in nylon production. In addition to its utility as a chemical feedstock in nylon production, cyclohexanol is also used to produce various other plasticizers, while smaller quantities may be used as a mild solvent in laboratory settings. Special care should be taken during the storage and use of cyclohexanol, as exposure to fumes over time can prove toxic.