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This organic compound is a cyclic ketone consisting of a volatile colorless liquid. It is prepared by treating adipic acid with barium hydroxide at elevated temperatures, initiating ketonization to produce cyclopentanone. This compound is a common fragrance precursor in perfumes related to jasmine and jasmone. Additionally, this compound can be used as an intermediary for synthesis of pharmaceuticals. Cyclopentanone is also used to create cyclopentanone, the pesticide pencycuron, an pentethlycyclanone. Typically, cyclopentanone is found in animal foods, as well as foods such as potatoes and tomatoes, butter, meats, coffee, and roasted peanuts. As a cyclic ketone similar to cyclopentane, cyclopentanone consists of a five-membered ring containing a ketone functional group. Cyclopentanone in its pure form also has a petroleum like odor, and it is highly flammable with a flash point of 87 degrees Fahrenheit. It is insoluble in water, less dense than water, and its vapors are heavier than air.