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Dalpad is a proprietary chemical owned by Dow Chemicals. It is an aromatic glycol ether that is slow to evaporate. Dow touts Dalpad’s use as a coalescing agent in chemical reactions. Dalpad has a high polymer solvency, which means it’s a great chemical to use and mix with plastics and other petrochemicals.

Dalpad is a component of water-based architectural and industrial coatings, printing inks and textile dyes. It also acts as a solvent and plasticizer for resins used in water-based coatings.

In terms of physical properties, Dalpad’s freezing point is 54 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is a relatively stable liquid compound at room temperature. It has a very low evaporation rate as its boiling point is 471 degrees Fahrenheit. Dow Chemicals touts Dalpad’s tighter solution clarity specification and a wide range of uses.