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Deionized Water

As the name would suggest, this substance is a version of purified water. It has been treated to remove all ions, which can create a negative charge when ingested. Deionized water is almost identical to regular water, so it is a clear, colorless, and tasteless liquid. It is stable in the air and non-toxic to humans.

Although deionized water can be used for hydration and public consumption, it is also necessary for various industries. The lack of ions means that the water will not affect certain electrical processes. Examples of procedures that require deionized water include laser cutting, pharmaceutical products, and automotive processes. Deionized water also doesn’t leave any streaks or residue when it dries.

This substance should be stored properly to ensure that it doesn’t get contaminated. Although it’s not toxic to humans, deionized water can be ionized relatively easily, so it should be sealed to prevent this from happening.