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Denatured Alcohol, 190 and 200 proof

Other terms for this substance include methylated spirits or denatured rectified spirits. It is a version of ethanol that contains additives to make it both foul-smelling and poisonous. The purpose of these additives is to discourage recreational consumption. It is a colorless liquid that has a distinct aroma and can be colored.

Denatured alcohol can be utilized for a variety of different purposes, including fuel for camp stoves, cleaning solvents, and woodworking. Denatured alcohol has all of the same properties of ethanol, except that it has been treated to prevent consumption. The reason for this is to reduce taxes and fees on the product, as well as ensure that the public does not try to ingest ethanol meant for some other purpose.

Denatured alcohol is highly flammable, and it is, of course, toxic to humans. It should be adequately sealed and stored in a cool, dry area. It should not be kept with other combustible materials, and proper safety gear should be worn when handling it.