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Dextrose is a chemical that is found in the blood and used in many cellular processes, like glycolysis and cellular respiration. It is the dextrorotatory form of glucose, also called D-glucose, which goes by the chemical formula of C6H12O6.H2O. It occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues.

Dextrose is used to boost body energy. It is usually administered to patients either orally or intravenously. Moreover, it is used to help with the injection of other medicines.

This compound is an important carbohydrate and is usually absorbed directly into the bloodstream during digestion. It is used by cells as a metabolic intermediate and a secondary source of energy. Therefore, it is administered to patients who are in a critical condition and in no position to eat solid food or take fluids.

Dextrose is used for several purposes. They include:

• Treatment of hypoglycemia in newborns
• Treatment of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients
• As an energy booster