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Diammonium Phosphate

Commonly referred to as DAP in agricultural circles, diammonium phosphate is the world’s leading phosphorus fertilizer. Combining two of the most common chemical elements in agriculture (ammonia and phosphorus), DAP possesses a high plant nutrient content and the chemical properties essential to encouraging plant growth and controlling soil pH. Most DAP produced around the world is synthesized via the simple process of reacting ammonia with phosphoric acid under controlled conditions. Another common use of DAP is as a fire retardent, a process that mixes DAP with other chemicals which are then sprayed over areas in the path of a forest fire. This DAP-based mixture helps to keep coated materials from igniting, thus halting the spread of a fire like a chemical firebreak. Additionally, DAP is used in winemaking to increase the fermentation period of yeast, and is also added to milk in order to create cheese cultures for many types of cheesemaking.