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Dichloromethane (Avantor 4881-19 ACS 20 Liters)

Often referred to as simply DCM or methylene chloride, this stable organic compound is a colorless and volatile liquid noted for its mildly sweet aroma and utility as a solvent. It is primarily used as a solvent due to its miscibility with many other organic solvents, however it is not miscible with water. DMC can be naturally sourced from oceanic macroalgae, wetlands, and volcanoes. However, the majority of environmental DMC the result of industrial emissions rather than naturally occurring sources The production process for generating DMC is heating methane and chlorine gas to temperatures between 400-500 degrees centigrade. In excess of 400,000 tons of DMC are produced around the world each year. As a solvent, DMC is used as a painstripper and degreaser for tools and other surfaces. It is also part of the decaffeination process of both coffee and tea, and for creating extracts from hops and other flavorings.

Dichloromethane (Avantor 4881)