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Dichloromethane Chromar (Avantor H077-10 4L)

A high purity solvent used in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), dichloromethane ChromAR is preferred for HPLC processes due to its fast and easily reproducible performance and separation and low UV absorbance in the critical range, providing stable and reliable results with every reading. High purity solvents that cause minimal interference are crucial to effective HPLC. This particular grade of DMC is instrumental to the production and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and biological products, as well as in the accurate testing of complex biological samples for the presence of specific substances. DMC is considered highly desirable for HPLC due to its increased stability, low vapor production, and lack of interference in various spectrums of light, making it extremely useful during the mobile phase of HPLC testing and analysis. Since it is also far easier to produce and less environmentally damaging than acetone and acetonitrile, DMC is often the solvent of choice in many HPLC testing processes and analysis.

Dichloromethane Chromar (Avantor H077)