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Diethylene Glycol

An organic compound that is colorless and near odorless, diethylene glycol (DEG) is a hygroscopic poisonous liquid with a slightly sweet taste. Miscible in water, ethylene glycol, acetone and ether, DEG is primarily used as industrial solvent. Use of diethylene glycol in commercial processes in the past century has led to contamination of consumer products, and there have been more than a few epidemics of poisoning since its introduction during the 20th century. DEG is primarily synthesized via the partial hydrolysis of ethylene oxide, and is co-produced with ethylene glycol and triethylene glycol. Industrially, DEG is used to manufacture polyurethanes, plasticizers, and polyester resins. It’s also used as a solvent for dyes, oils, resins, nitrocellulose, and various other organic compounds. Furthermore, DEG is used as a humectant for tobacco, printing ink, cork, and various glues and adhesives. Due to its high toxicity first discovered in 1937, use of DEG in food and beverage production is strictly forbidden.