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Dowfrost propylene glycol

Dowfrost is a brand of heat transfer fluid with industrial inhibitors designed to prevent corrosion. Its most common applications include immersion freezing, fermentation cooling, carbonated beverage packaging, liquid food cooling, and the like. The close contact with food and beverages necessitate the use of non-toxic substances.

Dowfrost Propylene Glycol is just one of many fluids being used in the industry to fight corrosion while performing heat transfer duties. There are other ones that work with better efficiency such as the highly viscous ethylene glycol. However, the propylene variety is found to be less toxic. Food grade monopropylene with purity that is no less than 99.8% is used in its manufacture. It is approved by the US FDA.

As an inhibitor, this fluid is long lasting, replenishable and easily maintained. The time interval between change-outs can be extended, resulting in reduced operational expenses. This product is available in various concentrations and blends.