Dowtherm® & Supplier - Seidler


This isomer mixture derives from an alkylated aromatic that was engineered by Dow Chemical for specific use in low-temperature pressurized systems during the liquid phase. Maintaining its liquidity even at temperatures below -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dowtherm provides an easily circulable fluid for preventing overheating in liquid cooling systems. Thanks to its low crystallization point Dowtherm requires no steam tracing, though per the manufacturer users may want to add freeze protection to vent lines in their system. At temperatures between 358 degrees and 600 degrees fahrenheit, Dowtherm can also be used in vapor phase systems without alteration. Overall, the broad operating range of Dowtherm provides users with a practical single fluid solution for use in a wide variety of heating and cooling systems.Best of all, Dowtherm is batch processed and non-corrosive to most metals and alloys used for thermal transfer systems, so there is no need to perform periodic flushes on a regular basis to prevent component corrosion.