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DPM Solvent

DPM solvents are mixtures of glycol ethers that have a mid to slow evaporating point with a one hundred percent water solubility. This make these solvents as ideal coupling agents with various other solvent systems, making it excellent for industrial use. A DPM solvent typically has a high flash point as well, which makes it very easy to store and ship to necessary locations.

Because of how reactant these solvents are, they make excellent household and industrial cleaners, as well as grease and paint removers, industrial grade metal cleaners, and cleaners for hard surfaces, such as most textile materials. Their rate of evaporation, coupled with their water solubility, makes them invaluable for getting rid of heavy-duty stains and grease. Additionally, due to the strong molecular structure of these solvents' bonds, they are often used as coatings for various things, as well as dyes for different kinds of fabrics.