DrakeolĀ® & Supplier - Seidler


The commercial name for a high quality grade of mineral oil, Drakeol is a petroleum based compound refined from crude oil as one of the byproducts of gasoline production. It is transparent, colorless oil with a composition of primarily alkanes and cycloalkanes, both of which are also found in petroleum jelly. Drakeol is used in applications such as cell culturing for coating petri dishes, veterinary medicine as a mild pet and livestock laxative, and as an adjuvant intended to stimulate immune response to vaccines. In the poultry industry, Drakeol is often used topically to treat scaly mites on chickens feet and legs to suffocate the parasites that cause infection. The cosmetics industry primarily uses Drakeol in baby lotions, ointments, cold creams, and various other cosmetics since the higher purity of Drakeol does not clog skin pores, making it ideal for use in compounds applied to the skin. Industrially, Drakeol is used as a lubricant and heat transfer fluid in electrical heaters and transformers.