Edetate Disodium - Avantor 8995-01 USP 500 GMS - Seidler

Edetate Disodium (Avantor 8995-01 USP 500 GMS)

This aminopolycarboxylic acid is a water soluble, colorless solid that is frequently used industrially and commercially for the removal of limescale from pipes and boilers. It is also integral to the textile industry for preventing metal ion impurities in aqueous solutions from creating inconsistencies in the color of dyed products due to impurities in the metal used to create many dyes. In paper manufacturing, edetate disodium is used to catalyze hydrogen peroxide for chlorine-free bleaching processes. Edetate disodium is also often added to beverages containing ascorbic acid and sodium benzoate in order to prohibit the formation the known carcinogen benzene. Edetate disodium also forms the basis for water softeners that are added to many laundry detergents, dish detergents, and soaps to prohibit the formation of limescale and prevent mineral interference created by “hard” water in the cleaning action of soaps and detergents. Various forms of edetate disodium have also been used in the medical field for chelation therapy to treat mercury and lead poisoning as well.

Edetate Disodium (Avantor 8995)