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Edetate Disodium

This substance is a white powdery substance that is water-soluble and usually administered as a liquid IV. It is a chelating agent, which means that it can remove heavy metals from your blood, such as mercury or lead. The common acronym to which this substance is referred is EDTA.

For the most part, EDTA is administered in a hospital as a means of lowering the amount of calcium in your blood. Usually, this is done as an emergency procedure and can take several hours to complete the transfusion. Other applications of EDTA include controlling heart rhythm disturbances caused by medication.

Because it is used as a medicine, this substance is not harmful to humans. However, due to its effects, it can create an adverse reaction in your body if you have a history of heart disease, diabetes, or low potassium levels. It may also exacerbate previous head trauma such as seizures or brain tumors. As a result, after administering EDTA patients are monitored to ensure that no negative side effects occur.