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EKC 265

EKC 265 is a trademarked formulation by DuPont. It's being marketed as a post-etch residue remover for the semiconductor industry. The product is described as an aqueous organic proprietary blend of 2-(2-Aminoethyoxy) Ethanol, Hydroxylamine and Cathechol. Its color ranges from yellow orange to red orange with the smell of amine.

Unwanted byproducts are generated during plasma-based etching of metal stacks. These residues are deposited around the top and sidewalls of the metal and can cause shorts along the line, which may lead to product defects. EKC 265 helps to remove this residue.

This chemical product is suitable for metal, contact, pad and via cleaning. It is known for its effectiveness in the removal of both organic and inorganic residues, giving laboratories a single solution for all cleaning processes. EKC 265 may be utilized in baths or spray tools as well.