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EKC 270

EKC 270 is a trademarked formulation made by DuPont that functions as a post-etch residue remover in the semiconductor fabrication and packaging industries. The chemical formulation is manufactured of aqueous and semi-aqueous organic mixtures that are designed to remove residues from substrate surfaces following via-, poly- and metal-etch processing.

This residue remover is part of DuPont's patented line of PlasmaSolv® products using HDA® technology. This product line performs at low temperatures that are significantly below the chemistry flashpoint, making for a safe chemical process that also extends bath life. This chemical is the second in the PlasmaSolv® line that was specially formulated to work with post-etch processes. It has improved Ti compatibility,removes ashed photoresist residue, organic polymer and organometallic etch residue while maintaining optimum metal stack integrity.

Other benefits of this super clean chemical that maintains metal integrity include Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) grade specifications for advanced wafer cleaning and low evaporation rate.