Environmental Solvents, Reagents & Remediation Chemicals

Environmental Testing and Remediation Products

Environmental Remediation is the process of identifying and removing contaminants from either soil or groundwater, providing a cleaner and healthier environment to the site being treated.

For Testing Labs:

Seidler Chemical Company provides a broad line of chemicals and products used in environmental testing laboratories, including

  1. GC and Environmental Solvents

  2. Trace Metal Acids

  3. Speedisk® Extraction disks from Avantor

Whether you are testing for metals, organic compounds, alkalinity, PCB’s or toxic organics, we supply the reagents to give you the best results.

Seidler Chemical distributes the full line of environmental chemicals from Avantor® Performance Materials (both Baker® and Macron® brands), and stocks many of these products for immediate pickup or delivery.

For Site Remediation:

And if you are searching for chemicals/materials for site remediation, we offer a full array of products. Not only do we stock and deliver promptly, we can custom blend and package both liquids and solids into the percentages and sizes that best fit your needs.

These products include:

pH adjusters
Filtration products

Phosphates/Phosphoric Acid
Acids and Bases
Ferrous Sulfate