Ether Ultra-Resi - Avantor 9259-03 4 Liter Glass - Seidler

Ether Ultra-Resi (Avantor 9259-03 4 Liter Glass)

A high purity variant of ether used in gas chromatography (GCO), ether Ultra-Resi is a solvent that was developed for the purpose of extracting organic residues and then creating a concentration of those residues. This compound is instrumental to the purity testing processes that are the cornerstone of gas chromatography due to its rapid vaporization and exceptional performance as a solvent in virtually any application. Thanks to it is low boiling point and higher volatility, ether Ultra-resi can be easily vaporized from a liquid in order to aid in the measure retention times during gas chromatography analysis. Since GCO is the primary means of detecting the presence of impurities in liquids and solids that have been vaporized within the GCO system, the high purity of ether Ultra-Resi is the ideal choice for ensuring accurate GCO readings consistently over time. The utmost care should be take in storage and handling however, as the higher the purity of ether, the more flammable and volatile it becomes.

Ether Ultra-Resi (Avantor 9259)