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Ethyl Acetate

A colorless liquid, ethyl acetate is a sweet smelling chemical compound. Many people suggest that ethyl acetate smells like pear juice. Manufactured on a large scale, ethyl acetate is a combination of ethanol and acetic acid.

Ethyl acetate is manufactured as a solvent. It commonly is used in nail polish removers and glues of different types. It is also utilized in paints, perfumes, some confectionary processes, used for decaffeinating coffee and tea, and also used as an additive in cigarettes.

Beyond consumer products, ethyl acetate is used in scientific research. For example, it's used to kill insect collected for research purposes. It also is utilized in certain types of chromatography processes. It is favored in research and laboratory settings because of its low cost and relatively pleasant odor.

Ethyl acetate is also considered to be of low toxicity. It naturally occurs in the production of some types of wine.