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Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl Alcohol, also called Ethanol, is the best known of all alcoholic compounds. It is the only alcohol that that humans can safely ingest and hence, the prime component of alcoholic beverages. It is a widely used as an additive to gasoline and rocket fuel. It is an important raw material for manufacturing several important chemical compounds including halides, esters, and amines.

Ethanol is considered to be an excellent solvent and is miscible with a number of chemicals including benzene, acetone, acetic acid, chloroform, and diethyl ether. As a result, it is used a base for paints, varnishes, and personal care products. A 62 % v/v solution of Ethyl Alcohol is used as a medicinal antiseptic, and in hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes. C2H5OH is manufactured using a process called fractional distillation and successive distillations yield Ethyl Alcohol of increasing concentration. Various industrial applications require Ethyl Alcohol solutions of corresponding concentrations.