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Ethyl Ether (Avantor 0848-10 ACS 500 Grams)

In small quantities, ethyl ether is a useful substance for liquid-liquid extractions in a laboratory setting, and in the manufacturing of plastics. Ethyl ether is also a common solvent that is used in the Gignard reaction and numerous other organometallic reagents. However, it is listed in the Table II precursor under the United Nations Convention Against illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances. Essentially, since its falls into the same category as acetone, toluene, and sulfuric acid, it is a watchlist substance for the UN due to its frequent use in the manufacturing of illicit substances that are sold illegally all over the world. Despite this categorization, ethyl ether is still widely used in manufacturing and laboratories as a solvent and low temperature/low flashpoint catalyst in numerous industrial and commercial processes. Aside from the need for extreme caution when handling or storing ether, it is still one of the most versatile solvents that is available on the common market.

Ethyl Ether (Avantor 0848)