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Ethyl Monochloro Acetate

Ethyl monochloro acetate or EMCA is a clear, colorless liquid that is commonly used as intermediates when performing organic synthesis. It is one of the chemicals that are referred to as esters of monocarboxylic halogenated acids. This group is characterized by high density as compared to other liquids and excellent solubility in water.

EMCA is mostly confined to industrial settings where the appropriate safety measures must be put in place. Both the liquid and its fumes must not get in contact with the eyes as this could result in permanent damage. Repeated skin exposure to the fumes could also cause severe irritation. Workers must be careful about inhalation as it can damage the respiratory tract.

Ethyl monochloroacetate is useful in creating organic compounds. It is routinely tapped by agrochemical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in the development of their products. It could also be utilized in the making of dyes, flavors and fragrances.