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Ethyl Propionate

Ethyl propionate is an ethyl ester made from propionic acid. Like all esters, the compound has a sweet fruit-like smell (pineapple). The compound has three main uses. First and foremost, it is used to make perfumes and fragrances because of its sweet smell. It is also one of the chemical solutions that are used in nickel electroplating. In some industries, the compound, which is a clear liquid, is used as a solvent. The compound is also used as a reducing agent in the manufacture of plastics, rubber chemicals, anti-fungal agents, artificial flavors, plasticizers and dyes among other things.

In some areas, the chemical may also be referred to as propionic acid ethyl ester. Others know it as propionic ether. The pineapple-smelling compound also has several other names. It is also used in the production of antimalarial medication. There are many other industrial uses of propionic ether. Researchers are still finding new uses up to today.