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Ethylene Glycol (Avantor 9300-03 4 Liters)

This organic compound has two primary uses commercially and industrially: raw material for manufacturing polyester fibers, and making antifreeze. Ethylene glycol is colorless, odorless, and sweet-tasting with a syrupy consistency. It is moderately toxic if consumed. This compound is produced by combining ethylene with ethylene oxide and water. After an acid or base catalyst is added, ethylene glycol is produced when acidic or a neutral pH is achieved with a large excess of water. This method generates the greatest amount of ethylene glycol per reaction. Due to its exceptional energy transfer properties (pure ethylene glycol has half the specific heat capacity of water), ethylene glycol is used in 50 percent concentrations in liquid cooling systems installed in everything from automobiles to custom computer cooling kits. It is also a key component in chilled water outdoor misting air conditioners used at restaurants and clubs that offer outdoor dining or musical performances.

Ethylene Glycol (Avantor 9300)