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Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol, is an organic, or naturally occurring compound that has a variety of uses in the modern world. It is most frequently used in the fabric industry, mainly in the manufacture of polyester fibers. It is also used in bottling, air conditioning units, geothermal heat pumps, and in the production of vehicle antifreeze.

In its natural state, this compound is in a liquid form that is rather thick and syrup like. It has a sweet taste, and is odor and colorless. It is somewhat toxic in that it is often the culprit in human and pet poisonings, usually in antifreeze toxicity cases. It is produced via a chemical reaction between ethylene and water. In the natural outdoor environment, this chemical breaks down in a few weeks in the landscape water and soils. In the air, it is diminished in about 10 days. It is soluble in most common organic solvents.