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Ethylenediamine can be used in relatively large quantities for the production of many different types of industrial chemicals. It can be used to form derivatives with carboxylic acids, which include fatty acids, alcohols, nitriles, and ketones. It has a bifunctional nature, which means that it readily has two amines, making it useful in a variety of different agents.

Ethylenediamine can be readily used in a variety of different polymers, acting as a precursor in a variety of different industries and applications. It is widely used to produce polyurethane fibers. It can be used as a solvent as well, as it is miscible with polar solvents, making it useful in solubilizing different types of proteins, such as caseins. It can also be used in a variety of electroplating baths, though such applications will always need to be carefully managed and established in order to ensure that the desired products are efficiently created.