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Ferrous Chloride Distributor, Manufacturer & Supplier

A paramagnetic solid possessing a high melting point. Ferrous chloride is a chemical compound crystallized from water as a greenish tetrahydrate for commercial and industrial uses. The hydrated form of ferrous chloride is a byproduct of steel production waste when combined with hydrochloric acid. In a laboratory, it can be more conveniently prepared by adding powdered iron to a solution of methanol and concentrated hydrochloric acid under an inert atmosphere. It is something of a niche application product that is less popular for laboratory, industrial, and commercial use than its related compounds ferrous sulfate and ferric chloride. In laboratory use, ferrous chloride is primarily used in the synthesis of iron complexes. Industrially, ferrous chloride is used as a reducing flocculating agent in wastewater treatment, particularly in wastes that contain chromate. It is also a precursor for hydrated iron oxides that are used in magnetic pigments, and it is often employed as a reducing agent in many organic synthesis reactions. Seidler Chemical is a ferrous chloride distributor, supplier & manufacturer. We’re the supplier to purchase ferrous chloride from. Contact us today and our experts will answer any questions you have about how to store ferrous chloride & more.