Florisil - Avantor 7213-06 SPE Column, 500MGx6ML - Seidler

Florisil (Avantor 7213-06 SPE Column, 500MGx6ML)

The trade-name for synthetic magnesium silicate, this white, odorless, finely ground powder is formed via the precipitation reaction of water-soluble sodium silicate (water glass) and a magnesium salt (also water soluble) such as magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, or magnesium nitrate. Composition varies by reaction medium, correcting substances, and method of precipitation. Florisil is useful due to its amorphous particulate shape rather than crystalline, making them water and alcohol insoluble and providing a larger porous active surface area. The primary applications for Florisil are wide and varied: purifying absorbent such as polyols, animal and vegetable oils, chromatography, dry cleaning, sugar, resins, odors; as a filler in rubber, paper, ceramics, glass, paper, and refractories; as an anti-caking agent in table salt, and in catalysts as a catalyst carrier and filter medium. Food-grade Florisil is used to absorb color, free fatty acids, and polar compounds so they can be extracted from used frying oil.

Florisil (Avantor 7213)