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Flour Salt

Flour Salt is sodium chloride that is food grade. It also contains tricalcium phosphate and yellow prussiate of soda that both act as anti-caking agents to prevent it from sticking to itself rather than sticking to the product. Without this, it would clump up waiting to be used. It’s produced in a very fine size that provides a large surface area and gives the consumer a quick, salty taste. It will adhere easily to foods and offers an excellent product coverage due to how well it will adhere. This product is certified Kosher and earns this certification on a yearly basis. There are a wide variety of products that this is used in. Cereals, hot cereal, icing, cake mixes, yeasty foods, baked goods, butter, condiments, snacks, breadings, dry blends, seasonings, sweets, soy flour powder, soup, gravies, sauces, processed cheese powder, peanut butter, popcorn, instant pudding, instant cocoa, cheese puffs, and chips.