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Fluoboric Acid

Fluoboric acid, which is sometimes known as tetrafluoroboric acid, is an inorganic compound. Its main purpose is to be utilized as a precursor to most other fluoroborate salts. By itself, it is a very strong acid. It is highly corrosive and will attack the skin if no protective barriers are worn. Commercially, it is available as a solution that has been mixed in water or other solvents, including diethyl ether.

Its strength is comparable to nitric acid, and while it is a powerful acid, it has a weakly coordinating and non oxidizing base. Structurally, it is similar to perchloric acid, however, it lacks many of the hazards that are associated with such oxidants. Among its primary uses are in the metal plating industry, as it is used in conjunction with other chemicals to create tin plated steel. This allows it to be practically and readily applied in a wide variety of industries.