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The chemical formamide also has another name, methanamide. It is created after being derived from formic acid. The easiest way to identify this substance by smell is to know that it produces an odor much like ammonia, which helps since the liquid itself is clear. One of the most common uses for this chemical is to soften paper products and fiber that people use every day. It is also a key chemical in the creation of things like pesticides, herbicide, sulfa drugs and other types of pharmaceuticals.

Formamide is highly corrosive to skin, and it is important to wear protective gear when dealing with it. It may also cause death if ingested, which is why extreme caution should be used at any time when handling it, even in the smallest amounts. An interesting fact about this chemical is that, when exposed to 130 degrees of ultraviolet light, it creates guanine, a chemical used in many beverages that people drink.