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Gluconic Acid

Gluconic acid is naturally found in foods such as honey, as well as in wine. It is known as a fruit acid. The acid is produced from dextrose, a form of glucose. This compound forms during the time that carbohydrates decompose. It is an acidity regulator, and it also has a good binding ability with iron and calcium ions. This makes it instrumental in the support of antioxidant effects, along with the effects of thickening and gelling agents.

This type of acid is well known for its commercial use in food, as a stabilizer of acid. It is placed in beverages such as lemonade for acidification, as it is a fairly weak acid that has a neutral taste. Breweries and creameries tend to use them to prevent calcification during the processing of beer and milk. It also is included with processed vegetables and fruits, along with their additives and for preparations.