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Glutamic Acid

Glutamic Acid is an amino acid that is closely related to the other amino acid called glutamine. It represents the largest amount of free amino acids in the human body, with high concentrations being present in spinal fluid and phasma in the blood.

Glutamic acid is commonly used in chemical products that treat symptoms of or are related to anti-aging, arthritis and osteoporosis, high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, burning fat, strengthening and restoring hair, menopause, and balancing irregular sleep and mood patterns or sexual performance such as virility and libido.

Glutamic acid also aids in the regulation of acid-base balance as well as skin cell production and restoration. It is because of this vital role in skin restoration, or natural “anti-aging”, that scientists frequently refer to glutamic acid as the “internal fountain of youth”. Glutamic acid can also help protect the brain against ammonia and improving short- and long-term memory.