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Glycerine 96%

This is a clear, colorless and viscous liquid. It also has a semi-sweet taste if ingested. Glycerin is a highly useful product that can be found in over 1500 applications. The material is created from fats and oils and is mostly used in the cosmetic industry. It acts as a solvent, humectant, or denaturant.

While impossible to list all of the pertinent applications of glycerine, some of the most notable uses include: cosmetic products, sweetener, emulsifier in paints and coatings, pharmaceutical drugs, nutraceuticals, and it is used as a food additive. Because of its stable nature and non-toxic elements, glycerine is a versatile component for many different industries.

For the most part, handling glycerine is safe and does not require extra protection. However, ingesting large amounts of this chemical can lead to gastrointestinal problems, and it can cause irritation if it enters the eye.