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Glycerine is a chemical variant of glycerol, which is the pure form of glycerine. Glycerol is a colorless, odorless, syrupy, and sweet liquid that is usually obtained through the process of saponification of natural fatty acids and oils.

Due to its carbohydrate composition and resulting sugary qualities, glycerol is mainly used for the sweetening and preserving of food and in the manufacturing of cosmetic products and perfumes. It can also be applied to the production of inks for printing and certain adhesive blends like glues and cements, and as a solvent and automobile antifreeze. Glycerol can also be found in skin care medicines like suppositories and skin emollients.

Glycerine itself is a neutral, thick, colorless, and sweet-tasting liquid that can be frozen into a gummy, pasty material. It also has a high boiling point. It acts as a good solvent since it can be used to dissolve other substances at a much faster rate than more typical solvents like water and alcohol, but it itself is not very highly soluble, since it can only be dissolved in water and alcohol but not more complex solvents like oils.

Like its pure organic form of glycerol, glycerine can also be used for softening the skin, thanks to its pure hygroscopic quality, which means that it is commonly used in the production of soaps and other skin care products like lotions, creams, and treatments for burns from the sun or razor shaving.