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Glycol Ether DB

This substance is a clear liquid that emits a strong, ethereal odor. It is not considered flammable, but it will burn if exposed to a flame. Unlike other glycol ethers, DB is well known for evaporating much more slowly, as well as being highly soluble in water. It is relatively stable but must be handled with some precaution.

The primary use of glycol ether DB is an ingredient in cleaning products. It also works well as a solvent, so it can be found in a wide range of other applications, such as inks for silkscreen and pens, as well as dyes for textiles. Glycol ether DB can also be utilized as a coupling agent for degreasers, industrial cleaners, and disinfectants.

This substance is not highly toxic, but it may irritate the eyes and skin if it comes into direct contact. Gloves and eye protection should be worn when handling glycol ether DB. It can also be harmful if ingested or inhaled, so a breathing mask may also be a good idea.