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Glycol Ether DPM

This substance is part of the glycol ether family, and it is a clear, colorless liquid. It emits a mild ether aroma, but this particular version does not evaporate as quickly as other glycol ethers. It is made with propylene oxide, making it a versatile chemical. Glycol ether DPM is highly soluble in water, and it is not very flammable.

As with most P-series glycol ethers, this substance works well as a solvent or a cleaning agent. It can be mixed with other chemicals to produce degreasers, paint thinners, and other hard surface cleaners. Other applications for glycol ether DPM include stabilizing agricultural herbicides and coupling solvent blends for various purposes, such as silk screen printing.

Because it has a lower flash point than other glycol ethers, this substance is stable and easier to handle and store. However, direct contact with the eyes or skin can cause mild irritation, and it should be washed off immediately. Also, ingestion and inhalation of its vapors can hurt most people.