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Glycol Ether DPnB

Glycol ether DPnB is a solvent. Among its notable features are low toxicity, minimal odor, and effective surfactant properties. It evaporates slowly into the air and has good solubility in oil. All of these combine to make it a highly sought-after substance in many applications.

It is often found as a coupling agent and solvent in various types of cleaning solutions for both industrial and household use. For instance, it is mixed into a number of hard surface cleaners and metal cleaners. It also helps in removing dried paint and grease, which are notoriously difficult to get out of many surfaces.

This substance is known to be an effective coalescent if the goal is to lower the minimum film formation temperature in water-borne latex coatings. It is also a chemical intermediate during the production stage of plasticizers, epoxides, and acid ester derivatives. Some companies use it as a coupling agent for water-based agricultural formulations.