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Glycol Ether EB

This substance is part of the glycol ether family. It is a clear, colorless liquid that emits a mild ether aroma. Compared to other glycol ethers, EB has a more sweet scent than others. It is derived from ethylene oxide, so it is classified as an E-Ether. It is flammable and highly soluble in water.

Ethylene ethers like this are mostly found in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as sunscreen. Glycol ether EB is also used as a cleaning agent, most notably for removing various types of oils. Many glycol ethers are found in solvents and degreasers because of their soluble capabilities.

As with most glycol ethers, this substance is not highly toxic to humans, but it can have harmful effects. It will act as a skin or eye irritant, and ingestion can result in sickness and vomiting. Because it evaporates into the air, inhalation is another issue as it can cause dizziness. Proper protection should be worn at all times.