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Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers are chemical solvents based on ethylene glycol, which are most commonly used in paints. These ethers usually have a higher boiling point than others, and have a lower molecular weight than most ethers and alcohols, making them very useful to chemists. They typically make very stable compounds and are known to be very compatible with water and other organic solvents. As such, they are typically found in industrial grade cleaners because of how well they dissolve built up grease and grime. They may also be used in pesticides and insecticides for outdoor applications.

Additionally, because of the strong solvent properties they contain, they are typically used in a wide variety of lacquering and enamelling remover systems, as well as powerful cleaners for sturdy surfaces. With a strong enough concentration, they may even find applications as paint removers and thinners, especially for hard surfaces such as metals and textiles.