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This is a set of organic compounds that belong to the alcohol family. There are two primary types of glycol: propylene and ethylene. The most basic glycol is made with ethylene oxide, and it is classified as an E glycol. Glycols are clear, colorless substances that can have a slightly sweet aroma. As with most alcohols, these chemicals evaporate quickly and are soluble in water.

E glycols are mostly found in antifreeze for cars and trucks. They may also be utilized in the production of brake fluid and some low-freezing explosives. P glycols (derived from propylene oxide) are found in food and cosmetics. These substances are non-toxic, and they help retain moisture for some products.

E glycols are mildly toxic, but P glycols are not. Both substances are slightly flammable, mainly because they evaporate quickly in the air. Glycols can be a mild irritant to skin and eyes, and inhalation may cause dizziness. These chemicals should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry area.