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This antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative is officially known as DMDM hydantoin. An organic compound, Glydant ® is used primarily in the cosmetics industry in shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and skin care products. It functions as a preservative because of the formaldehyde it releases, which creates an environment that is unfavorable to the development and growth of microorganisms. It is an extremely cost-effective water soluble bactericide and mild antifungal to protect product contents of cosmetic and personal care items. Glydant ® is also available in both liquid and solid form, possesses water-white/color stability, and heat stability. It meets with a broader range of regulatory approvals internationally, and is accepted in both the US and Europe for use in rinse-out/off and leave-in/on hair and skin care products. Altogether, Glydant ® provides an exceptional degree of protection against bacterial growth in cosmetic products, and has even shown promising results in preventing cosmetic dermatitis when used as a patch treatment.