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Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is the standard label for a type of metal leaf. Producing gold leaf requires beating gold into a fragile sheet such as gilding. While various karats and shades of gold leaf exist, 22-karat gold is most commonly used. To summarize production, gold is melted into a liquid at high temperatures. Molten gold is poured into gold bars. Thin belts of gold emerge from a pressing machine. A process of repeated papering and hammering creates a final product.

The most frequent use of gold leaf is art including statues, icons, picture frames, mixed media and jewelry. This decoration is also an integral part of architecture in the form of mosaics and murals. Gold’s resilience allows for weather and deterioration-resistant beauty. In the culinary arts, gold leaf portrays luxury in presentation of both food and drink. The thinness of the metal melts into the dish giving the hint of elegance while not impacting taste.