HF DIP 100:1 - Avantor 9283-03 CMOS 8.5 LB - Seidler

HF DIP 100:1 (Avantor 9283-03 CMOS 8.5 LB)

Electronics manufacturers use diluted solutions of hydrofluoric acid to remove the native silicon dioxide from silicon wafers used in printed circuit board construction and manufacturing. A colorless solution that is highly corrosive, hydrofluoric acid can dissolve many materials and it especially useful for dissolving oxides.  Hydrofluoric acid acts rapidly when used on silicon wafers, and requires only a few moments of exposure to dissolve native silicon dioxides on the surface of a wafer. The HF solution is commonly referred to as a “dip”, due to the limited exposure time necessary to achieve dioxide elimination. Hydrofluoric acid itself is a solution of hydrogen fluoride and water, and is a precursor to nearly every fluorine compound including pharmaceuticals such as fluoxetine (brand name Prozac), PTFE (Teflon coating), and elemental fluorine itself. Due to its highly reactive nature, hydrofluoric acid is known to dissolve glass and is generally stored in plastic containers.