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High Range Spirits

Petroleum ether-based spirits are more commonly referred to as “mineral turpentine” or “white spirit” in the UK. Many people also refer to high range spirits as simply “paint thinner”, since it is primarily used to clean paint brushes after use, as well as degrease machine automotive tools and cleaning machine tools. 60 percent of all high range spirit consumption is used in the paint and coatings industry industry. It is also used in conjunction with cutting oil and as a thread cutting and reaming lubricant in die cutting and metal machining processes. High range spirits are preferred to traditional turpentine due to their lower flammability and reduced toxicity. The aroma of most mineral spirits is not dissimilar to kerosene, and adequate ventilation when using mineral spirits is essential to worker safety. Odorless mineral spirits (high range spirits with toxic aromatics extracted) are also available for use in enclosed spaces, and are popular among artists and painters for whom adequate ventilation is not always available in their workspace.