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Hispagel Oil

This substance is a clear, odorless solution. Its chemical name is Glycerin and Glyceryl Polyacrylate Gel. Hispagel Oil has a viscosity rating of five hundred to one thousand cps, and it is completely water soluble. The substance itself has a medium PH balance, meaning that it is safe to use in the open and on your skin.

Hispagel Oil can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes, but most notably it is used as a lubricant due to its high viscosity and rheological properties. The oil also holds hydration remarkably well, which is why it is also used in numerous cosmetic applications, such as facial creams, moisturizers, and hair products. Hispagel Oil retains these properties well, and because it is completely water soluble, it is highly preferred as a non-toxic (if applied topically) agent for cosmetics.

This substance is manufactured and distributed by BASF Care Creations and is found and used all over the world.