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Hydrazine Dihydrochloride

Hydrazine Dihydrochloride, more commonly known as simply hydrazine, is an inorganic—or manually synthesized—chemical compound used in numerous rocket fuels and as the gas-based precursors that enable air bags in vehicles to instantly inflate during an accident. Hydrazine is also widely used as a foaming agent in the preparation of polymer foams, as well as additive in conventional and nuclear electrical power plant steam cycles as an oxygen scavenger. In this capacity Hydrazine Dihydrochloride works to control concentrations of dissolved oxygen, which cuts down on potentially dangerous corrosion.

Hydrazine Dihydrochloride is a highly flammable, colorless liquid that has an odor slightly similar to ammonia. Additionally, the chemical compound is highly toxic and hazardously unstable unless it is handled within a solution. According to data gathered in the year 200o, roughly 120,000 tons of hydrazine hydrate (which is a base of Hydrazine Dihydrochloride combined with more than 60 percent water) were manufactured globally.