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Hydrazine Sulfate

Comprised of hydrazine and sulfuric acid, this salt is a water-soluble white crystalline substance prepared by treating an aqueous solution of hydrazine with sulfuric acid. It is primarily used in analytical chemistry, and for synthesizing various organic compounds. It is also a precursor substance for pure hydrazine. Hydrazine sulfate is preferable to pure hydrazine due to its non-volatile nature and its reduced susceptibility to atmospheric oxidation while in storage. Thanks to these properties, it is also widely used in various industrial chemical production processes, and at one point was even used in alternative medical treatments for cancer patients. Under the trade name Sehydrin, hydrazine sulfate has been used to treat loss of appetite and weight loss both in cancer patients and in persons suffering from anorexia nervosa. While it has never seen formal approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a safe or effective treatment, it is still marketed as a dietary supplement.